Educators' Program

Complement your official English curriculum with free Lingokids materials!


What does the program include?


Slideshows with animations, songs, and game-based activities


No-prep, step-by-step guides for interactive, ready-made activities


Coloring pages, flashcards and more to review vocabulary


Learn easily how to use Lingokids resources

Quality content

Multi-level activities released weekly for more than 50 topics

Unlimited app access

Interactive activities to reinforce learning

What are the conditions?

The program is 100% free. The only requirements are:

1) To be actively working as an English teacher of children between two and eight years old

2) To use our content at least once a month

There are no commitments. If you start the program and later stop meeting the requirements, you will simply lose access to the materials, nothing else - no hidden charges or other consequences.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. The purpose of this program is twofold:

1) To receive educators' feedback. We are interested to see if our materials can help educators in their classes. With your valuable feedback, we can improve our product to better families in the future.

2) To give back. We want to use the funds given to us by the EU and the Government of Spain to support educators. Our interactive resources can complement their official English curriculums from renowned publishers. We highly recommend using Oxford University Press books as the core element of the course. In this link you can find the catalogue of their titles for preschool levels.

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